Scouting History

When Robert Baden-Powell returned from the Boer war in Southern Africa he found the youth of the Britain playing games from 'Aids to Scouting', the military training manual he had written for army scouts in the Boer War. Following his involvement with the Boys Brigade he was persuaded to re-write his book for a youth audience. In 1907 Baden-Powell held a camp on Brownsea Island to develop ideas for his new book. In 1908 Baden-Powell published the first edition of ‘Scouting for Boys’. Soon after Scout troops began to spontaneously form, beginning the world wide Scouting movement.

Scouting was adopted in Australia by a number of youth groups following the publication of 'Scouting for Boys'. Over the next few years each of these groups began progressively merging and transforming into a variety of Scout troops across the country. In 1914 Baden-Powell's British association extended into Australia, uniting all Scout troops under the leadership of the Boys Scout Association. The NSW branch of the association was formed in the same year.

  • Brownsea Island camp.
  • Publication of 'Scouting for Boys'.
  • Australian youth groups begin adopting Scouting principles.
  • Boy Scout Association begins operations in Australia.
  • NSW Branch of the Boy Scout Association begins operations.
  • 1st World Scout Jamboree takes place in Olympia, London.
  • The independent Australian Boy Scouts Association formed.
  • The Australian Boy Scouts Association is renamed to The Scout Association of Australia.
  • The Scout Association of Australia adopts the trading name Scouts Australia and the current Scout logo.